Why video?

Given that 93% of communication is nonverbal, the most effective type of communication is face-to-face, in the same physical space. The next most effective type is through video. Sharing human experiences through videos is powerful, which is why many social networks are moving towards video-based communication.

Why only 3 minutes?

Time is a huge asset for everyone, especially for teachers. Short videos force you to get to the point. With a short video, you can quickly share an idea, ask a question, or reflect on something you learned. If you want to do something instructional, requiring more than 3 minutes, you can always post it on YouTube and link to it with a short video on EdSpace.

Why do posts delete?

Rather than keeping stale posts in the system indefinitely, EdSpace prioritizes the popular and the fresh. Because posts delete 7 days after the last interaction (e.g., someone commented, replied, etc.), engaging conversations can live in EdSpace for months.

Can I save videos?

Of course... just not on EdSpace. Storage costs money, and we want to keep it free for educators. You’ll be able to share posts to Twitter, and you can screen capture (if it’s possible with your device).

Why did we ditch the popularity contest?

Simply put: the popularity contest found in most other social networks is unhealthy for everyone. It's a barrier to entry, for people who don't want to deal with it, and it's toxic, for all of us. We believe in equity and sharing without the need for the harmful social validation. On EdSpace, you'll find no retweets, no following, no likes, and no public view counts.

What are school channels?

School channels are designed to help create a positive school culture and enrich in-school collaboration. When you sign up for EdSpace, your LiveGuide will be populated with private channels for your school, only visible by people from your school. You'll be able to see who from your school has signed up and you'll be able to communicate with them directly.

What are Advanced Filters?

On each channel, Advanced Filters is a set of filters that allow you to set criteria (e.g., grade level, professional role, geography, etc.), and only people who meet these criteria appear in your view. Advanced Filters allow you to own the algorithm, saving you precious time finding who and what you want.

What’s a Post-it Board?

Not everyone might be comfortable using video right away. The Post-it Board is the way to ask text-based questions without having to post a video, and every channel has one. Answers to your questions are video-based, and you'll get notified when that happens.

Who’s on EdSpace?

Anyone working in education, anywhere in the world. Teachers, counselors, principals, superintendents, headmasters, technology specialists, instructional coaches: if you work in education in any capacity, come on in!

What about students?

Right now, only adults can have accounts on EdSpace. If your district or school allows it, you can definitely include students in your posts. Looking ahead, we have plans to launch a student version of EdSpace in the future.

How do I keep tabs on people of interest?

Every person on EdSpace has a little star on their profile. When you “star” someone, you get notified when they go live or create a new post. Don’t want to get those notifications anymore? “Un-star” them. Simple as that!