EdSpace is FREE. 

There are no upsells, freemium version, hidden costs, or advertising. 

In order to truly innovate, you need to evolve not only your idea but disrupt the business model as well — the way Uber and Airbnb have done. EdSpace is poised to do just that, to become a powerful B Corp that fuels a new era in how we teach, learn, and compensate teachers. 



On the office hours guide, highly sought after education consultants will be available, on demand, to livestream their services any time of day.  EdSpace will simply take a percentage of the fee to pay for platform costs - keeping EdSpace FREE. 


Once we built this Office Hours feature, we wondered how it might work outside of education. (For more info on Office Hours, check out the School Leaders tab).


What if we took this component of our platform and created an app that allows ANY service provider, age 13 and older,  to offer their services.


A student who understands eSports or video editing, for example,  can sign-in to the app, advertise their services, and teach an adult. It's just like ride-sharing with Uber, only now it's service sharing — and anyone can do it. 


Piqabu (www.piqabu.com), a new app, launching in late 2020 will do just that. It has similar features to EdSpace, different name, and separate from the EdSpace platform ensuring teacher and school privacy. 

And what about that teacher compensation part? Our vision is to pay teachers for learning on EdSpace, basically paid PD. Too crazy of an idea? It's already happening in districts across the country.


Once our Empower Hour program is operational, we'll be working with our district partners to make this disrupter change the course of professional growth.