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“I can’t wait to get to today’s PD!” - said no teacher ever

WANTED: Chief Inspiration Officer

Teachers deserve to be celebrated. Use Our Private Channel to shout-out the little wins, spotlight successes, and build positive school culture.


The dreaded PLC is overdue for a makeover. Use EdSpace for internal collaboration and for an influx of new ideas from peers ready to share.

Empower Hour: Teacher-driven PD

Whether it’s 5 minutes at a time, or 5 hours, you and your teachers will be able to track their learning journeys throughout EdSpace. Bye bye one-and-done PD!

Uber for Ed Consultants

Any time, anywhere: on-demand ed consultants available through video chat. For you and your team, connect with top professionals, for use in PLCs, 1on1 coaching, and more.

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