About Real World Scholars

We're a mission-driven organization committed to building bridges in education between learners and the world around them. We know that the future of school is one of connection and collaboration. We work with a community of educators to find opportunities for connected learning and build technology that make those connections more possible – for everyone. 

We build bridges that connect learners.  


If there is one thing we know, it's that connection is at the heart of all learning. But the school walls and their silos can make real world connections challenging.


That's why we've made it our mission to find learning that sparks connection and build technology that bridges the gap between classrooms and these learning opportunities. 

Three Platforms, One Mission. 


In 2014, we formed a nonprofit with one goal: get our resources in the hands of students to practice entrepreneurship.


Turns out giving away money would be harder than we thought. We looked for opportunities to make it happen and found teachers faced many problems when using real dollars to teach entrepreneurship... eventually landing on the idea for an e-commerce platform that allows a class to connect with an authentic audience through real commerce. 


To date, RWS has provided teachers with $500k in funding for use in building student-run businesses,  in 34 states with more than $300k in revenue generated by these businesses, with all proceeds going to the classrooms.


Next, we focused on connecting classrooms to the communities in which they live, and we call it EdHarmony (.org).  Think match.com for teachers and local businesses for the purpose of engaging students in authentic problem solving, coming fall 2020.


And our latest, EdSpace, set to launch February 2020. 

What was once an idea from a mission-driven nonprofit, is now a company with grand ambitions.


According to the United Nations, the world will need to train 70 million teachers by 2030.

We can try to equip them the same way we've tried to train teachers in the past – or we can offer a personalizable experience, one that uses peer-to-peer learning to open doors for millions of future educators around the world. 


Are you focused on improving educational outcomes for students in the most challenging places around the globe? If so, we want to work with you to better train linchpin teachers, impact the students they teach, and improve educational opportunities around the world. 


Reach out through contact, we'd love to work together!